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Practicing Yoga


Core Fusion

A low impact, core class designed to strengthen your core, improve your balance and flexibility through a variety of different exercises, that will leave you feeling more confident in your day-to-day movements. Appropriate for all levels.

Equipment: Mat/Light Weights

Core, HIIT & Strength

A full-body workout focused improving on strength, endurance, and power. Interval training will focus on working all major muscle groups with the help of dumbbells and bands. Specific intervals focused on increasing your heart rate will have you leaving class feeling 100% worked out. Appropriate for all levels.

Equipment: Mat/Dumbbells/Bands

Gentle Stretch & Flow Yoga

An all-levels class incorporating stretching, core work & gentle vinyasa flow. Modifications are offered and props are used often.

Equipment: Mat 


A combination of cardio and strength, this HIIT and Tabata circuit-style class is sure to provide some of the toughest workouts you’ll ever love. Tabata takes traditional HIIT (high intensity interval training) to the next level with shorter rest periods - maximizing results in an even shorter time! Appropriate for all levels.

Equipment: Mat/ Dumbbells

Shadow Kickboxing

Punch, kick, and block your way through this fun and challenging workout to improve your endurance and coordination. Learn proper techniques for punches and kicks in this non-contact class. This class will integrate combinations of kickboxing moves for a fun workout set to the beat of the music. Appropriate for all levels.

No boxing experience or gloves required.

Total Body Conditioning

Get ready to sweat with this full-body workout that targets all the major muscle groups. Each week will feature a different format that will shape and tone your body from head to toe that is designed to challenge you while increasing strength, decrease body fat and improve overall conditioning. Appropriate for all levels.

Equipment: Mat/ Dumbbells

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

In this yoga class we will explore our breath, deepen our flexibility, play with balance and connect to our body. Equipment: Mat

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